In Vino Veritas

The Italians believe “in wine there is truth”, and we couldn’t agree more. Wine transforms food into a meal, acquaintances into friends, and friends into family. A meal elevated to an experience becomes something more – a memory. We invite you to create some of your best memories at Sogno di Vino!


Transport yourself to a place where time is slowed, laughter is effortless, the dream of wine, and the magic of food, is in fact, reality. It’s all here, at Sogno di Vino, and we welcome you wholeheartedly to our family. We call Historic Downtown Poulsbo our home, but we infuse the spirit of the Tuscan countryside into our menu, and our atmosphere. Skillfully combining the freshest Northwest ingredients with classic Italian dishes, we’ve arrived at the perfect blend of these two distinct traditions. From wood-fired pizzas cooked in our custom-built pizza oven, to fresh salads, rich pasta dishes, and signature entrées, we offer a menu brimming with the highest-quality ingredients, sourced as locally as possible. 

Taste. Relax. Return.